There are plenty of ways to cope with traumatic stress. Did you know that 76% of Canadians have reported experiencing some type of trauma in their lives? A number of sufferers this substantial should not be taken lightly.

Traumatic stress is often a result of dealing with trauma, and it can cause severe problems for those who suffer from it. And depending on the level of trauma, the stress can last for years.

While traumatic stress can be crippling, it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of healthy ways a person can cope with their trauma and move forward. If you are suffering from traumatic stress, here are five tips to help you cope and get the help you need.

1. Get Help From A Therapist

Working with a professional therapist should be one of the first steps you take in dealing with trauma. There are many benefits of therapy in helping one fight off the struggles of traumatic stress.

Lack of peace and burdensome negative thoughts run rampant in a mind that is dealing with traumatic stress. Therapy can help one get rid of negative thoughts and find a level of peace. This is a major improvement from the crippling anxiety that comes with traumatic stress.

2. Cope With Traumatic Stress By Exercising

Exercise is useful in combatting stress for various reasons. For one thing, exercise helps people build a mindset that overcomes challenges. Copying with traumatic stress is its own challenge to overcome, so exercise can be a useful tool in building resilience.

Through the release of endorphins and through the meditative mindset it produces, exercising is a useful tool in combatting stress.

3. Lean On Your Loved Ones

While you may try to cover it up, chances are your traumatic stress signs are on display in some form to those around you. They may be worried and want to help you. And you could let them.

Allow them to help you to cope with traumatic stress by letting them take on some of your responsibilities for a short time. In this manner, you can have fewer matters to be stressed over as you recover from your trauma.

And if you feel up to it, let them know about your trauma and allow them to comfort you. Unloading in a healthy way and allowing a loved one to support you can be immensely helpful in dealing with your pain.

4. Use Distraction Techniques

While you shouldn’t ignore your feelings of stress, there is a healthy way to take your mind off of them for a while. Sometimes it’s best to distract yourself from your trauma for a short period.

You could do a puzzle, paint something, or maybe watch a funny light-hearted film. Again, you shouldn’t ignore your issues for too long. However, a short break while refining a plan to cope with stress may be helpful.

5. Try Expressive Writing

Journaling has been shown to improve physical and psychological help. You can simply journal your thoughts, or you can take your thoughts and craft them into a story or poem. Activities like this are known to help trauma-sufferers find meaning in the ordeals they have endured, and this is a major healing service to one’s traumatic stress.

Get Traumatic Stress Help Today

Now you know about some of the ways you can cope with traumatic stress. If you are suffering from traumatic stress, you should start your road to recovery today.

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Our therapists are educated and trained in helping overcome trauma as well as having also learned how to handle stress from their own experiences. Our therapists are here to help you experience healing.

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