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Psychotherapy Treatment Planning


Thank you for coming to register for the Psychotherapy Treatment Planning for CRPO & RP Qualifying webinar.
As mentioned, in this webinar will help you:

  • Understand the integral parts of a treatment plan
  • Learn how to put an effective treatment plan together for any client presentation
  • Come up with a workable strategy for ensuring all of your client files have completed treatment plans going forward
  • Discover resources to assist with treatment planning
  • Meet regulatory practice standards for clinical documentation

Furthermore, both CRPO practice standard 5.1 and CRPO’s clinical record checklist reference treatment plan or plan for therapy as being a required part of psychotherapist’s clinical records. Additionally, many insurance companies and government funded programs (such as NIHB, VQRP and more) require treatment plans to be a part of the therapy records.

Please fill in the registration form below and make your payment of $113.00 (which includes HST) by e-transfer to liane@rethinkme.ca  
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