Domestic Violence Therapy

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ReThinkMe helps people overcome traumatic life experiences associated with domestic violence. Domestic violence is very common and can lead to many problems down the road.

Our informed trauma psychotherapy services are available for teens, and adults who were or are in abusive domestic relationships.

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Ways We Can Help Overcome Domestic Violence Trauma

At ReThinkMe, we combine personal experience with psychotherapy training to help our clients. Our focus is to help you overcome domestic violence trauma. We help you build your self-esteem to improve your feelings of adequacy and autonomy. We can also aid clients with skills and strategies to gain control over their situation and renew hope for the future through positive affirmations, evidence-based therapy, and more.
Feelings of isolation are commonly seen in victims of domestic abuse. Psychotherapy can help reduce these feelings and patterns that lead to more isolation. We will work with you to implement positive coping strategies that will help to progressively work past your trauma. These strategies can also help you deal with any future traumatic events should they arise.

Open to Teens and Adults

Domestic abuse does not filter by age. ReThinkMe can help people of all ages and genders with domestic violence trauma. Our team is standing by to help you on the path toward recovery.

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