Men's Mental Health Therapy

Supporting Men With Their Careers, Personal Life, & Overall Wellbeing

Handle stress effectively

Improve your Relationships

Understand & Manage your emotions

When the target is always moving, it can be hard to feel like you're hitting the mark.

You’re expected to be strong yet sensitive, a provider yet emotionally available, constantly adapting as traditional norms of being a man continues to shift and evolve.

If you are looking to feel less stress, improve your relationships, and find success in the things you do,

We can help you stay on track and feel better.

How Can Therapy For Men Help Me?

We are committed to understanding your unique needs and circumstances and adapting therapy to best meet them. In this way, we can:

adjust unhelpful thought patterns, improve emotional regulation, develop healthy coping strategies, and provide guidance and relief for issues such as:

Life’s pressures can really pile up, causing you to feel constantly on edge or overwhelmed. Men’s therapy can equip you with practical skills to manage this stress and reduce anxiety, helping you to regain your calm and composure.

When you’re feeling persistently low, uninterested, or stuck in a fog, it can be hard to see the way out. Therapy offers proven strategies to help lift the cloud of depression, enabling you to find joy and interest in life again.
If you’re finding that anger often gets the better of you, therapy can help you learn healthier ways to express and manage it. This can lead to better relationships, fewer regrets, and a greater sense of control.
Using alcohol or drugs to cope with difficulties can create more problems than it solves. Therapy can help you find healthier ways to deal with life’s challenges and support you in your journey towards recovery.
Juggling work demands with personal life can feel like a circus act. Therapy can help you strike a healthier balance, ensuring you’re not only successful at work but also satisfied at home.

If you’re constantly doubting yourself or feeling like you’re not enough, therapy can help bolster your self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to see yourself in a more positive and realistic light.

Relationships can be complex and challenging. Whether it’s issues with a partner, family, or friends, therapy can provide strategies to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster healthier relationships.
Losing a loved one or experiencing a significant loss can be profoundly difficult. Therapy can guide you through the process of grief, helping you to navigate your emotions and eventually find a path towards healing and acceptance.

Major life changes, like becoming a father, changing jobs, or retiring, can throw you off balance. Therapy can provide support and guidance during these transitions, helping you adjust and thrive in your new circumstances.

We are here to support YOU.

About Us

Why Work With ReThink Me

Liane Wood

Registered Psychotherapist

Dan Wood

Registered Psychotherapist
Our therapy dog, Harley, might be in attendance!

We believe everyone deserves not just to live, but to live with vitality and happiness.

When you walk through our door, you are met with respect and care. We are here to listen without judgement and create a space where you can express your emotions, thoughts and concerns without fear of stigma or dismissal.

Our sole aim is not merely the elimination of mental illness, we work to encourage mental vitality – a state where your mind is alive and energetic.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, are already thriving, or are somewhere in the middle, we’re here to support your journey.

Our mission is to help you be seen, heard, and valued.

Our Values

Respect & Dignity

We provide a safe space where you can be heard and understood.

Compassion & Empathy

We honour your autonomy, choices and cultural background.

A Client Centered Approach

We work with you, prioritizing your needs, goals, & preferences.

Our Team

Therapists Who Specialize In Men's Mental Health

At ReThink Me, we believe finding the right therapist is central to your therapeutic journey. Click below to meet our team members. Not sure who to book an appointment with? Send us a message.

Dan Wood

Registered Psychotherapist

Our Approach

How Our Therapy For Men Works

We listen to you

When you are ready to talk, we are ready to listen. We want to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.

We make a plan

We work with you to develop a plan to get there, providing the tools and support you need to heal past wounds, and build the coping strategies you need to move forward.

We walk with you

Your long term wellbeing is our ultimate goal, and we will walk with you as you develop the resilience you need to protect your mental health.

We’re here when you’re ready.


Questions About Men's Therapy

Therapy can absolutely help, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a quick fix or an instant cure-all. It’s a process that requires your active participation, honesty, and willingness to work on challenges. A skilled therapist can provide you with valuable tools and insights, help you understand and manage your emotions better, and guide you in making positive changes. So, while every person’s experience with therapy is unique, there’s a strong chance that you’ll find it beneficial if you approach it with an open mind and commitment to your wellbeing.
That’s kind of like asking how long it takes to learn guitar – it varies for everyone. Some people find a few sessions helpful, while others prefer ongoing support over a longer period. It’s a personal journey and your therapist will work with you to figure out what’s best for your situation.

Your privacy is a top priority in therapy. Everything you share stays between you and your therapist, like a vault. There are a few exceptions, like if someone’s safety is at risk, but your therapist will go over all of that with you before you get started. Your secrets are safe in therapy.

Look at therapy as your personal training ground for dealing with stress and pressure. It can help you understand what triggers your stress, and teach you effective strategies to manage it. You’ll learn to change unhelpful thought patterns, react more calmly under pressure, and maybe even view challenges in a new light. Think of it as learning to surf the waves rather than getting wiped out by them. Therapy doesn’t take away life’s pressures, but it definitely can equip you to handle them much better.
That’s a common concern, but there’s no need to stress. Starting therapy can feel like the first day at a new job – you’re not quite sure where everything is or what to do. But remember, your therapist is like a skilled guide. They’ll help navigate the conversation and ask questions that’ll get you thinking and opening up about your experiences. You might even find that you have more to talk about than you originally thought. It’s all about taking that first step!

What You Can Expect With Men's Therapy

Every person is unique, and so are the results you will experience in therapy. While we can’t guarantee specific results or an exact timeline, we can tell you that with dedication and consistency to improving your mental health, you may start to experience results such as:

How To Get Started

Schedule a free 15-min phone consultation before booking your first appointment.

Returning clients can book in person or virtual appointments here.

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