Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

I collect personal information from my clients in the regular course of doing business. This page answers some of your most frequently asked questions, and lets you know exactly how I am protecting the information you entrust to me.

What personal information do you collect about me?

I collect or may collect the following information about you:

  • Name (required)
  • Phone Number (required)
  • Email Address (required)
  • Payment card number and expiry date (optional)
  • Health/medical information (required)

How do you use this information?

The main reasons I collect personal information from you are:

  • To provide therapeutic services
  • To complete a financial transaction
  • To contact you in the event of a change in appointment time or to return your phone calls/emails

How do you store this information?

  • Name: Recorded in your client file. Your first name and last initial appear in my appointment book and are also stored in my confidential electronic contact list.
  • Phone Number: Stored in my confidential electronic contact list.
  • Email Address: Stored in my confidential electronic contact list.
  • Payment card number and expiry date: Stored in my confidential and secure payment processing system.
  • Health/medical information: All session notes are electronically stored in a secure double password protected program.

Use of personal information for secondary reasons

I will not use your personal information for secondary reasons. Throughout the year, I may offer groups or workshops. If you are interested in receiving information about these, you will need to request to be on my mailing list. This is not assumed when I take you on as a client.

Sharing of personal information with third parties

The only time I would share your personal information would be if I am legally required to do so, or where you have requested that I do so in writing. These are the situations where I may be required by law to share your personal information: If you threaten grave bodily harm or death to yourself or another, I may inform medical or law enforcement personnel. If you report to me knowledge of physical or sexual abuse of a minor child by an adult, or of an elderly or disabled person, I am required to inform the appropriate agencies. If you report the sexual misconduct of a mental health professional I am required to report it to the appropriate College. If you become involved in a legal case (child custody, civil suit, etc.) I may be required to produce records or testify. I will do everything I can to keep your records confidential, but sometimes it may be out of my control to do so.

How will you get my consent?

You will be required to sign a consent to treatment form when you begin your therapy. From then on, consent to therapy and consent to be contacted regarding your therapy will be implied. When you provide me with personal information to complete a transaction, I assume you consent to my collecting it and using it for that specific reason only. If you contact me by email, I assume you consent to my responding to you via that same email address unless you have indicated otherwise.

How do I opt out?

You can opt out of providing me with financial information by paying in cash or by e-transfer. I am required to collect your name, telephone number and medical information, however, you can choose not to provide me with your email.

How do I get more information?

Liane Wood

ReThink Me 208

Front Street Suite 220 Belleville ON K8N 2Z2


You can also contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada ( for assistance.