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Unlocking Transformation: Discover Therapy Intensives

Welcome to a ground-breaking approach to healing and growth—Therapy Intensives. In a world where time is of the essence and progress matters, Liane Wood RP, is excited to introduce you to a powerful way to experience profound transformation on your journey to well-being.

Accelerate Your Healing

Imagine delving deep into therapeutic work, unearthing insights, and making substantial progress in a condensed timeframe. That’s the essence of Therapy Intensives. It’s like embarking on a focused retreat where you can immerse yourself in self-discovery and healing, embracing relief and growth like never before.

The Power of Therapy Intensives

Whether you’re navigating the aftermath of a painful experience, seeking to heal from trauma, or craving a breakthrough, Therapy Intensives offer a fresh perspective. If you’re presently working with a therapist, consider the option of a Therapy Intensive to accelerate your progress and gain quick results. These intensives are designed to complement your ongoing therapy, providing a concentrated burst of healing energy.

A Message to Fellow Therapists

To my esteemed colleagues in the field, I want you to know that Therapy Intensives are not about replacing your work. They’re a collaborative effort to enhance the well-being of our shared clients. As a fellow therapist, you can refer your clients to Liane for a Therapy Intensive, knowing that they will return to you for their continued therapeutic journey. It’s an opportunity for you to work together with Liane, providing a unique and specialized experience that complements the incredible work you’re already doing.

Your Path to Healing Begins Here

Therapy Intensives are an invitation to explore a new dimension of healing—one that combines focus, depth, and the expertise of skilled therapists. Whether you’re taking your first step or continuing a journey, we’re here to support you on the path to transformation.

Experience the Healing Journey

A Therapy Intensive is a powerful way to accelerate the healing that you would experience in a typical one hour therapy session. Rather than going to therapy for an hour session once a week for several months, you would set aside a specific chunk of time – 3 hours or 6 hours – for intensive therapeutic work. It is a concentrated way to get the power of therapy without having time in between sessions. It helps people journey deeper and feel better faster.

A Personalized Approach

Choose from three distinct options:
• ½ Day Intensive: Starting at $1200 + HST
• Full Day Intensive: Starting at $1800 + HST
• 2 Day Intensive: Starting at $3000 + HST

Each package includes a 90 minute Pre-Intensive Session, a customized Treatment Program, and a 90 minute Post-Intensive Session. Select the duration that suits your needs and availability, and embark on an intensive journey towards transformation.

Scientifically Supported

Research underscores the effectiveness of Therapy Intensives, showcasing rapid symptom reduction and reliable improvement in a short timeframe. Our intensive format eliminates administrative tasks and non-essential elements, ensuring your healing remains the central focus. You can read more about this here.

Where Healing Blossoms

Therapy Intensives take place in-person at our Belleville, Ontario office. Immerse yourself in an environment of healing and growth, allowing time between sessions for self-care activities and creative expression.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans partially cover the cost of Therapy Intensives. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about reimbursement options.

Invest in Your Well-being

Unleash the potential for lasting change and relief in just a few days. Therapy Intensives offer you the results of months of traditional therapy in a condensed timeframe. Don’t wait for healing—experience it now.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Prior to the therapy Intensive, we meet for a Pre-Intensive Interview to determine the goal for the intensive.

We will look at what your life looks like now (your support system, stressors, ways you cope, and places that you want relief, growth, or to take a big step forward).

During the therapy Intensive we do 2 things:
1) Make the painful stuff in your life hurt less and
2) Help the good stuff feel even better.

We do this through a number of different therapy models depending on what will work best for you and your goals. Depending on where you are in your journey, we may spend time on your earliest relationships in life (i.e. attachment).

For others, the focus is more future oriented. This process can be very personal and customized to you.

After the therapy Intensive, we meet for a Post-Intensive Session to reflect on the elements that were most meaningful to you and how you want to infuse that into your life moving forward.

I emphasize sharing insights with the important people in your life, so they can partner with you and celebrate your progress!

• You want to experience deep therapeutic work that can change your life
• You had a very painful experience that is still impacting you today
• You have done therapy before and found it helpful for your healing and well being
• You already go to weekly therapy and you feel stuck or on the verge of a break through.

Therapy Intensives can help:

• Survivors of sexual trauma
• Painful childhood experiences
• Religious Trauma & Spiritual Abuse
• Medical trauma or chronic illness
• Relationship Issues

Pre-Intensive Session: A 90-minute session to determine the goals of the Therapy Intensive and prepare for the experience. We will identify the painful memories, beliefs, emotions, or issues from which you are seeking relief.

Customized Treatment Program: The Therapy Intensive sessions take place at the office in Belleville Ontario, and are scheduled for 3 hours or 6 hours depending on the intensive option you choose. Includes targeted treatment and resourcing activities customized for you.

Post Intensive Session: A 90-minute session to debrief the experience and reflect on areas of insight, relief, and transformation. Discuss your next steps for continued growth and healing.

Therapy Intensives give you the results you would get from months of therapy in a much shorter period of time. If you add up the cost of weekly therapy, a Therapy Intensive is actually more cost effective. Instead of waiting months, you can get the same results in a few days.

At this time, only Liane Wood RP is offering Therapy Intensives.

Options & Investment:

  • ½ Day Intensive starting at $1200 + HST 50% due at pre-session and 50% due on the day of the intensive. 6 Hour program. 1.5 hours for the pre-intensive session, 3 hours for the intensive session, 1.5 hours for the post intensive session. Weekday and weekend availability. *Weekend rates apply to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend rate is $1440 + HST.*
  • Full Day Intensive starting at $1800 + HST 50% due at pre-session and 50 % due on the day of the intensive. 9 hour program. 1.5 hours for the pre-intensive session, 6 hours for the intensive session 1.5 hours for the post intensive session. Weekday and weekend availability. *Weekend rates apply to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend rate is $2160 + HST.*
  • 2 Day Intensive starting at $3000 + HST 50% due at pre-session and 50% due on the day of the intensive. 15 hour program. 1.5 hours for the pre-intensive session, 12 hours for the intensive (6 hours a day for 2 days), 1.5 hours for the post intensive session. Weekday and weekend availability. *Weekend rates apply to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend rate is $3600 + HST.*


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