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ReThinkMe is positioned uniquely to help by utilizing – Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic. We are able to gain swift access to psychiatric consultation for clients through the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

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Psychiatrists are medical doctors that prescribe medication and offer a psychiatric diagnosis. Throughout the process and during these psychiatric consultations, your therapist is always present to help you feel comfortable and contribute to the doctor’s evaluation if required.

Most clients wait 6-18 months for a psychiatric consult. Because we collaborate with Psychotherapy Matters, your wait is significantly reduced to 6 to 8 weeks. These consultations come with the added convenience of meeting the psychiatrist virtually while in your therapist’s office or your own home.

Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic

The Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic’s collaborative care model allows the psychiatrist to collaborate with their clients via video conferencing through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (like Zoom, but confidential and secure). With your consent, the psychiatric consultation will occur via video conference, while your therapist is present with you.

These consultations will provide clients with necessary medications (prescriptions faxed directly to the patient’s pharmacy), or a medication check, and if requested, assistance with diagnoses. It also allows your therapist to work in a circle of care with the client (you), your family doctor and a psychiatrist.

After your consultation, a follow up clinical note is sent directly to the family doctor indicating what therapeutic interventions have occurred and the continued care the client will receive ongoing with their therapist. If it’s determined by the psychiatrist or the therapist that the client needs further follow up with the psychiatrist it is included with the first referral meaning that multiple referrals for psychiatric care for a single client are not required. The Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic ensures that clients get the care they need quickly and with the collaborative support of a multidisciplinary care team.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are interested in meeting with a medically trained mental health professional who can explore your psychological and physical well-being, you may benefit from seeing a psychiatrist. This can include a formal diagnosis or medication recommendations/changes.
Please let your therapist know if you’re interested in seeing a psychiatrist. Consultations can be booked after your second psychotherapy session. You will get a referral form to give to your family doctor. Once the family doctor has faxed the referral form to Psychotherapy Matters, your therapist can book your appointment!
No! The consultations take place with both your therapist, and the psychiatrist. The therapist’s regular fees apply. The doctor’s time is covered by OHIP.
The first consultation is usually 90 minutes long. Follow-ups are 20 minutes long so they can take place during a regular psychotherapy session.

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