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Re-emerging group therapy is designed specifically for adults from their mid-twenties through to retirement years. This group is ideal for people who are facing challenges coping with the everyday stressors of life.

These difficulties may include anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, life changes, family issues, grief, depression, divorce, trauma, life skills, body image, anger, and many more. Group therapy provides a safe and comfortable environment to explore these issues, establish mental resiliency and get the most out of life. Here you will find a welcoming, inclusive, and confidential setting where you are free to come as you are and be your authentic self.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Perhaps the greatest benefit offered by group therapy is the opportunity to join with others in a mutually supportive manner.In re-emerging group therapy sessions, there is no pressure, everyone is encouraged to share only as much (or as little) as they feel safe to. Each week, members are invited to discuss topics that are important to them.
The others in the group provide support and feedback while the whole process is led by specially trained therapists.The experience of participating in group therapy helps people overcome feelings of being alone in their struggles.

The diversity of the group also provides individuals with an opportunity to receive multiple perspectives from others who may have already “been there; done that” and know where pitfalls may lie. Many who attend group do so because they are unsure if therapy is for them and the risk is low. Typically what people find with group therapy is that their hesitancies beforehand were unfounded and the group experience was more than they could have hoped for.

Availability and Timing

Re-Emerging Group Therapy sessions run weekly and are 2 hours each on Tuesday evenings from 6:00p to 8:00pm in person at ReThink Me’s office space at 208 Front St Suite 220 Belleville ON K8N 2Z2. Participants are asked for a 12 week commitment to the group when joining.The cost for 12 weeks (24 hours of group therapy) is $720.00 + HST = $813.60 and if needed, may be paid in instalments on request. *Pricing for re-emerging group therapy works out to $30 per hour making it an affordable option for those seeing therapy services.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of groups there is no discount for attending fewer sessions. Interested individuals meet one on one with one of the group facilitators for a complimentary one hour session to answer questions about Re-Emerging Group Therapy and to establish if group therapy is a good fit. To book a complimentary one hour session to see if group therapy may benefit you, call us at 613-707-3011.

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